Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100 for 2014

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100 for 2014

For a budget of a hundred dollars or less, you can get a decent set of over ear headphones that’s comfortable to wear and can deliver great sound too. You just have to be aware of the features of a particular brand and model of headphones so as to end up with the most suitable model for your needs.

Below you will find some of our best recommendations of over-ear headphones for 2014. These are all priced under $100 and loaded with different specifications and features too. Choosing from any of the products presented here will allow you to enjoy your favorite music even more come 2014.

Price and Usability

Aside from the price, you should also be clear about your intentions and purposes for the unit that you’re looking for. If it’s for home use and personal entertainment, you can go for a wireless model that’s powered by Bluetooth technology. And if it’s for professional use, it would be better to choose a unit that’s specifically intended for studio recording and performance. Note that DJ style headphones often come equipped with extra long cords to provide for the needs and requirements of professional DJs.

Other Factors to Consider

While budget is important when considering a set of headphones, sound quality, construction, and comfort are all equally important too. This is especially true if you intend to use your headset for long hours. For practical reasons, you can also choose a model that’s multi- functional so that you can use it in different ways. We recommend getting a unit that’s so versatile that you can use it professionally in the studio or recreationally at home. This way, you can use just one set of headphones for mixing and recording purposes as well as for enjoying movies, music, and games as well.

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Stereo Over Ear Headphones

As a DJ style set of headphones, this model has a cord length that extends up to 10 feet to facilitate easy movement. The sound quality on this model is exceptional too, since it has a frequency range of 10–27,000Hz, sensitivity of 100 dB/mW, impedance of 56 ohms, and 50mm drivers.

Whether you’re using this headphone professionally or for recreational purposes, you will find that it’s comfortable to wear since it uses large well-foamed ear pads that securely cover your ears. The headband is adjustable too, so you can customize its fit according to your needs.

Soul Transform Superior Active Performance Over Ear Headphones

Specifically made for people with active lifestyles, this unit has a sporty and trendy appeal. In fact, it is even available in 2 colors, electric blue and lightning green. Aside from its well fitting features, this model is also comfortable to wear even while working out as it has breathable and sweat resistant ear pads. These ear pads can even be removed and washed for hygienic purposes.

Made to be lightweight and compact, you can conveniently use this set of headphones on different models of smartphones , tablets, and MP3 players. And since it comes with 40mm drivers, the sound output is also clear and undistorted.

Audio Technica ATH-M30 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

As a professional set of over-ear headphones, this model can be used by studio engineers on their projects when recording and mixing sounds. Its 11-foot cord allows for freedom of movement; and this is also useful for home use as audiophiles will not feel restricted while using it for their listening pleasure.

Equipped with 40mm drivers, a frequency range of 20–20,000Hz, sensitivity of 100dB, and impedance of 65 ohms, this unit can deliver high quality sound that’s suitable for different purposes (e.g. music, movies, games, etc.). It can also be used for different types of devices as it carries a 3.5mm connector and even comes with a ¼-inch adapter.

Avantree Hive-Over Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

This model of over-ear headphones is multi-functional as it is full-featured and customizable as well. You can use it with Bluetooth capable phones, tablets, and laptops; and the package also includes an audio cable of 3.5mm cord to facilitate connectivity with non-Bluetooth devices. It can therefore be used in both wired and wireless modes.

Incorporated with 50mm drivers, this unit can deliver powerful and high fidelity sound. It also carries a noise cancelling feature that allows you to listen to your favorite music without being distracted by background noise. Its rechargeable battery is also capable of running continuously up to 18 hours if fully charged.

Note that this over-ear headphone is not only useful for listening to music and other similar functions like gaming and movie watching; it can also be used for making and receiving calls since it has a built-in microphone for this purpose.

Sony MDR-ZX300IP Over Ear Headphones for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Made especially for Apple products, this model of headphones can deliver the best sounds from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The three-button remote control allows you to adjust the volume conveniently on the cord; and the track control lets you play, skip, and stop songs in your playlist according to your preferences.

Built with 30mm drivers, this unit can deliver clear treble and deep bass to satisfy music lovers. And if you want to use it for phone calls, you can also do so as it has a built-in mic that also facilitates hands-free talking when making and receiving calls.

For utmost convenience, this model of headphones can also be folded. So even if it’s quite bulky when unfolded, it becomes very portable once you fold it up.

What’s the Best Over Ear Headphones for You?

The best set of over ear headphones for 2014 is one that can provide for all your needs without breaking the bank. So start the year right by checking out our recommendations and carefully scrutinizing the different features of the various models presented here. Whether you’re looking for a set of headphones for your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or laptop, there’s a model that will fit well in your budget.

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